Escape Through Jungle Of A Female Pharmacy Student [Parution]

Présentation de l’éditeur (Nguoi Viet, 2015, 315 p.).

TuyetBachTo_EscapeThroughJungleThanks to my fortune, after 10 years of tenacious work and practice dedicated to improving my English proficiency as well as mastering my job skills, I finally attained my goals. But I had to admit indeed my repeated failures at passing the oral as well as written exams for licensing in Pharmacy during that time. It took me until the year of 1985 to ultimately secure the credentials required for practicing Pharmacy in the United States. The turning point occurred for me in November of 1985 at the same Carle Hospital Pharmacy where I had started as a pharmacy technician in 1975. When I presented my Pharmacy License to my boss my job status was immediately promoted from current pharmacy technician to Registered Pharmacist and salary got updated to level of my diploma. But I continued doing the same work right there in that pharmacy. My career spanned nearly 30 years at the Hospital since I maintained a part-time position for some times after having reached retirement age, before removing myself entirely from service. Such that now, I could afford to reminisce in my leisure time the saga of my past years in offering details for this narrative.

Source : Tu Luc Mall