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Marilyn B. Young : 1937-2017

Nous avons appris le décès de l’historienne Marilyn B. Young, Professeure d’histoire à l’Université de New York. Elle est l’auteure de plusieurs ouvrages de référence sur la Chine et la guerre du Viêt-Nam.

Marilyn B. Young en 2011 © DR

Thanks to a generous anonymous grant, Marilyn B. Young was able to attend Harvard University on full scholarship, provided she learned Chinese and wrote a thesis in the field of US-East Asian relations. This, in due course she did, under the direction of Ernest R. May and John King Fairbank, who nicely book-ended the subject matter. The thesis, and subsequent book, Rhetoric of Empire, put 19th century American policy towards China in an international context, examining the Notes as the emerged out of the crisis of the Boxer Rebellion. Her subsequent scholarship has had a dual track: to understand both American imperialism and those who fought against it, at home and abroad.

Lire sa fiche profil sur le site de l’Université de New York

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  • Christy Thornton & Stuart Schrader, “Marilyn Young (1937–2017)“, Jacobin Mag, 24/02/2017. Militarism runs deep in the United States, but historian Marilyn Young never gave up believing that it could be overcome.