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ONE PERSON CRYING: Women and War, an exhibition by award winning photojournalist Marissa Roth, is a 28-year, personal global photo essay that addresses the immediate and lingering effects of war on women. Roth states, “In an endeavor to reflect on war from what I consider to be an underreported perspective, the project brought me face to face with hundreds of women who endured and survived war and it’s ancillary experiences of loss, pain and unimaginable hardship.”

The photographer’s journey took her from Novi Sad, Yugoslavia in 1984, to its conclusion in Oradour in 2013. The ninety one photographs cover twelve conflicts over a twenty-eight year time period, starting with the photographer’s own history as a child of Holocaust refugees. Additionally, the exhibition includes panels with historical perspectives and references to the wars addressed by Roth.

The exhibition is supplemented by the collection of unedited archives on the women of Oradour, which were taken from the Cahiers de Denise Bardet, institutrice a Oradour, (Denise Bardet’s Journal, teacher at Oradour) one of the 246 women that were victims of the Oradour massacre. She kept a diary from 1940 to 1944 that provided insight in to the life and thoughts of a French woman during World War II.The collection of projections (testimonials and documentaries) describes the conditions of life and the violence perpetrated against women during wars, which supports the work of Marissa Roth.

The exhibition was curated by Howard Spector, Los Angeles, CA, co-director of the South Pasadena Arts Council (SPARC), an NGO consultant, and panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts and the US Dept. of Education.

Exhibition representation made by Photokunst, agency specializes in cause-oriented fine art photography and photojournalism. Photokunst is honored to launch and travel this important and timely exhibition.

ONE PERSON CRYING: Women and War, debuted at The Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles from August 16 to October 25, 2012. It was presented in Berlin, and now in Oradour, France. The exhibition will be available for travel to additional venues from May 2014 through December 2015.

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Femmes et guerres : One person crying, Women and war

Le centre de la mémoire présente : « Femmes et guerres : One person crying, Women and war ».

À l’aide de plus de 90 photographies noir et blanc, Marissa Roth, photoreporter américaine, aborde les effets immédiats et durables de la guerre sur les femmes. Le voyage de la photographe débute à Novi Sad en Yougoslavie en 1984 et se conclut à Oradour en 2013. Les photographies couvrent une dizaine de conflits mondiaux au long d’une période de travail de 28 années qui commence avec l’histoire personnelle de Marissa Roth en tant que fille de réfugiés de l’Holocauste.

L’exposition inclut des panneaux qui fournissent des références historiques et reviennent sur le déroulement des guerres abordées par la photographe. Un ensemble de projections (témoignages, documentaires), d’ouvrages, d’archives se rapportant aux violences faites aux femmes lors des guerres complète le travail photographique de Marissa Roth.

« Il n’y a pas de sang ni d’armes dans ces images, juste le souvenir de ces vies passées dans un après-guerre sans fin comme toile de fond » Marissa Roth

© Marissa Roth
© Marissa Roth

Source : Centre de la mémoire / Oradour-sur-Glane