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Cuba Propaganda Poster Vietnam War Era (ca. 1973 )

Poster de propagande cubain édité en l’honneur de La Thi Tam, milicienne de la RDVN.

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Measures 10″ x 14″. Offset printed. ca.1973.

Top reads: Le Thi Tam, age 20, deputy commander of a defense squad in Ha Tinh Province. In the heart of the US escalation, she stood for 116 days straight at her combat post, to observe and point out places where time-delaybombs were dropped.

At bottom: The Vietnamese people, like ourselves, like all people, simply want to govern their territory themselves. We have opposed this war not only for its basic evil, but because we know that the struggle of the Vietnamese people is all our struggle. They want to live, We want to live. They want to survive. They want peace with freedom. We want peace with freedom. The US government opposes and oppresses them. The US government opposes and oppresses us. They are winning, we, too will win.

Source : Manh Hai Photo Galery