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Marjorie E. Nelson: To Live in Peace in Midst of the Vietnam War [parution]

Témoignage de Marjorie Nelson sur son travail médical au Sud Viêt-Nam pendant la guerre au sein des Quakers. Présentation de l’éditeur.

This is a historical memoir that follows two separate but parallel stories of the author and her brother taking direct action with Quaker groups in Vietnam in the late 1960’s. One story is the experiences of author Dr. Marjorie Nelson working in South Vietnam at the Quang Ngai Rehabilitation Center, which provided healthcare and therapy to amputees and children affected by the war. It also covers her journey from POW to “guest” of the North Vietnamese following the Tet Offensive in 1968. The other story follows her brother Beryl Nelson who crewed on The Phoenix with AQAG (A Quaker Action Group) and their experiences sailing the South China Sea to deliver medical supplies to the Vietnamese people. A historical memoir, a family story, a war story, and a historical document, with excerpts from letters, journals, interviews and personal accounts of Quaker action in Vietnam during the late 1960’s.

Illustration “à la une” : Majorie et Beryl Nelson sur le Phoenix © DR