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Vietnam’s Communist Party Jails its Most Trenchant Critic

Le journaliste David Brown rappelle le parcours de Pham Doan Trang, une net-citoyenne, écrivaine et activiste actuellement emprisonnée au Viêt Nam.

Pham Doan Trang was merely telling the government to honor its rights commitments.

The Vietnamese authorities are about to try Pham Doan Trang next week just for insisting that they honor the guarantees of civil liberties set out in Vietnam’s constitution.

In a photo taken on the night she was arrested, Trang is clearly exhausted, worn down by years on the run. Flanked by two policemen, one in uniform, the other plainclothes, Trang is walking away from the camera. She wobbles as she walks, the consequence of injuries suffered at the hands of other policemen years earlier.

Doan Trang is accused of ‘conducting propaganda against the State.’ Three documents and two interviews, one with the BBC and the other with Radio Free Asia, have been adduced as evidence of Trang’s subversive intent. When — not if — she’s convicted, she could draw 12 years in prison.

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Illustration “à la une” : Portrait de Pham Doan Trang paru sur la revue en ligne Luât Khoa tap chi. © The Vietnamese Magazine

Condamnation de Pham Doan Trang a neuf ans de prison le mardi 14 décembre 2021. Reportage de la télévision vietnamienne (chaîne de la Sécurité publique et du Nhân Dân, l’organe officiel du PCV).

‘I Won’t Leave Vietnam,’ Detained Blogger Says, Promising to Stay to Work For Change [RFA]

La blogueuse et journaliste Pham Doan Trang récipendiaire d’un prix à Prague pour les Droits de l’homme décide de rester dans son pays pour poursuivre son action en faveur de la démocratie.

A Vietnamese activist blogger now under house arrest in Hanoi says she will not travel outside the country to receive a human rights award in March, vowing instead to remain in Vietnam to work for change in the one-party communist state.

Pham Doang Trang, author of a recently published book on political engagement that has angered Vietnamese authorities, wrote on Wednesday on her Facebook page that she will not attempt to go abroad to receive her prize.

“I haven’t gone abroad and don’t plan to, not even for a few days to receive the Homo Homini Prize in the Czech Republic on March 5,” Trang said.

“I will never leave Vietnam until Vietnam has changed.”

“When one is like a fish that has been born in a dirty and polluted pond, one can either find one’s way to a nicer and cleaner pond nearby or to the vast ocean, or one can try to change one’s own pond to make it beautiful, breathable, and worth living in,” Trang said.

“I choose this second option,” she said.

“She will never surrender’

L’ouvrage de Pham Doan Trang, “La politique pour tous”, publié aux États-Unis en septembre 2017 © DR

Speaking on Wednesday to RFA’s Vietnamese Service, Trang’s mother Bui Thi Thien Can praised her daughter for her “beautiful ideals,” saying Trang “cannot and will never surrender or betray the path she has begun.”

Trang wrote her book, Politics for Everyone, to equip the Vietnamese public with basic knowledge about politics “so they won’t be afraid of politics or try to avoid it, especially youth and students who are afraid of the security forces,” Can said.

“I am very proud of having a daughter as smart and brave as Trang,” she said.

Security officers apprehended Trang on Feb. 24 to ask about her book and other activities and held her for 23 hours before returning her to her home under house arrest, fellow activists said at the weekend.

Copies of Trang’s book, which is considered politically sensitive in Vietnam, were seized by customs agents in the central coastal city of Danang on Feb. 9, when they were shipped into the country from abroad.

Trang recently received the Homo Homini Award from People in Need, an international human rights organization based in the Czech Republic that recognizes individuals dedicated to the development of human rights, democracy, and nonviolent solutions to political conflict.

Reported by RFA’s Vietnamese Service. Translated by Emily Peyman. Written in English by Richard Finney.

Source : Radio Free Asia

“Arrestation arbitraire et mise en résidence surveillée sans la moindre procédure… Les autorités vietnamiennes ne s’embarrassent même plus de camoufler leur répression de la liberté de la presse avec les habituels vernis de la légalité, déplore Daniel Bastard, responsable du bureau Asie-Pacifique de RSF. L’arrestation d’une journaliste comme Pham Doan Trang, reconnue internationalement pour son courage et la qualité de ses publications, représenterait un degré supplémentaire dans la course que se livrent les officiels vietnamiens pour étouffer les voix libres. La communauté internationale doit immédiatement en tirer les conséquences.”

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