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Journée internationale des droits des femmes – ENS de Lyon – Lundi 9 mars 2020

À l’occasion de la “Journée internationale des droits des femmes“, l’ENS de Lyon (Affaires culturelles), l’IAO, l’ANR PIND proposent un événement exceptionnel en trois temps le lundi 9 mars mars 2020 dans le théâtre Kantor.

Projection : La soirée débutera par une séance de projection du film “Héroïnes électriques” réalisé par Alyosha (Archives de la Zone Mondiale) et FanXoa dans le cadre de son exposition en cours dans la galerie Artemisia. Solveig Serre (CNRS, CESR) et Luc Robène (U. de Bordeaux, THALIM) présenteront l’ANR PIND (Punk is not dead. Une histoire de la scène punk en France, 1976-2016) à l’appui du documentaire “Punk pas mort !” de CNRS Images qui sera projeté.

Débat : Cette première partie sera suivie d’une table ronde animée par Marie Fabre (Triangle) et François Guillemot (IAO), intitulée “Femmes en lutte” consacrée à l’histoire des femmes et aux enjeux actuels des féminismes. Cette rencontre-débat réunira chercheuses et étudiantes : Christine Détrez (sociologue, Centre Max Weber), Nur Noukhkhaly (ENS de Lyon), Gnousse Francfort (ENS de Lyon, présidente de ENScène), Samantha Saïdi (Séminaire Félicité, Triangle), Michelle Zancarini-Fournel (historienne, U. de Lyon), Elise Zhong (ENS de Lyon, présidente de l’association ArcENSiel) et Emma Nübel, chercheuse et critique d’art.

Spectacle : La troisième partie de la soirée sera consacrée au spectacle vivant à travers le conte chorégraphique “La Rivière sous la rivière” (présentation ci-dessous). Enfin, les artistes de la Compagnie Inanna échangeront avec le public sur ce témoignage personnel et artistique.


Programme : ENS de Lyon

Birangona: Women of War – Official Trailer

Komola Collective presents
Birangona: Women of War
by Samina Luthfa & Leesa Gazi

2014 UK show dates:
21-23 March 2014 at Rich Mix, London at 7:30pm. Matinee show on 22nd at 2:30pm
9-20 April 2014 at Lost Theatre, London at 7:30pm. Sunday Shows at 5pm
1-2 May 2014 at Grange Arts Centre, Oldham at 7:00pm
3-4 May 2014 at Seven Arts, Leeds at 7:00pm
11 May 2014 at The Drum, Birmingham at 6:00pm
16-17 May 2014 at New Wimbledon Theatre at 7:30pm
19 May 2014 at Fullwell Cross Leisure Centre, London at 6:00pm

Komola Collective is a London-based arts company dedicated to telling the stories that often go untold — stories from women’s perspectives.

In the 1971 Bangladesh War of Independence from Pakistan, more than 200,000 women and girls were systematically raped and tortured as part of the Pakistani army’s war strategy. After Bangladesh gained independence, the war effort was acknowledged as a popular struggle. ‘Freedom Fighters’ were championed, but these women were ignored by a society in which rape is considered a source of shame for the victims. Marked with dishonour, they were silenced, ostracised and forgotten. 42 years on, Komola Collective wants to help break this silence.

Creative Team:

Script: Samina Lutfa
Research, Concept and Performance: Leesa Gazi
Direction: Filiz Ozcan
Stage Design and Animation: Caitlin Abbott
Lighting Design: Nasirul Haque Khokon
Videography: Fahmida Islam
Sound Design: Ahsan Reza
Stage Manager: Dominic Gomes
Production Manager: Md. Fakhruzzaman
Performance: Farhad Chowdhury Noyan
Vocals: Sohini Alam
Facilitator: Sadaf Saaz Siddiqi
Poems: Tarfia Faizullah


Moryom is a young woman who loves the taste of tamarind, the smell of her grandmother, and holding her husband’s hand. It is 1971, the year that the war of independence tears through Bangladesh, and no part of the country is untouched. The Kalbosheki Storm is coming. In a small village, Moryom and her family await its arrival. Every day, they hide from soldiers in the pond behind their house, while across the country, women are disappearing from streets and homes. When the storm finally hits, it will tear away everything.

This piece uses physical performance, choreography and animation interwoven with films of the real Birangona women’s accounts to tell their stories.

Bangladesh’s Birangona women: ‘Tell the world our story’

(article by Tahmima Anam) Hundreds of thousands of women were raped during Bangladesh’s war of independence. Now they are speaking out in a powerful new play.

A scene from Birangona: Women of War
Defining moment of violence … a scene from Birangona: Women of War © The Guardian

When writer and actor Leesa Gazi was 17, her father told her a story that would leave an indelible mark. He said that after the end of the 1971 war – the war that gave Bangladesh its independence from Pakistan – he crossed paths with a convoy of trucks full of women. These were the women people had been whispering about, the ones captured from their village homes and interred in rape camps, most having witnessed the death of their family members. He saw hundreds and hundreds of them, standing up in those trucks as they were finally freed, and this was one of the abiding images he carried with him as his country took its first steps into nationhood.

Read more : The Guardian, 15/04/2014.

  • Birangona: Women of War is at the Lost theatre, London SW8 until 20 April.

Extra Biragona

The Second Annual International Women & War Conference [July 2013]

WAW_logoPostgraduate Symposia: ‘Performing Trauma: The Narrative of Pain’

June 14, 2013, Toronto, CANADA
July 13, 2013, Poros, GREECE

Sponsored by: Ryerson University, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), the University of Athens

We are pleased to announce The Second Annual International Women & War Conference featuring two Postgraduate Symposia.

Performing Trauma: The Narrative of Pain’

These Symposia will examine historical, aesthetic, theoretical, psychological and imaginative investigations into the enactment of trauma, while simultaneously examining the nature of practice-as-research.

There will be two, one-day events.  The first one-day symposium will take place on Friday 14 June 2013 at the Ryerson Theatre School (Ryerson University). The second one-day symposium will take place on Saturday 13 July at the Poros Library (in connection with the University of Athens).


Symposia will focus on the reception of classical and contemporary tragedy and comedy, exploring the role of trauma in dramatic texts and in performance by both writers and practitioners across all genres and periods. Speakers will give papers on the performance and reception of trauma. This year’s guest respondents are: Dr. Julia Fawcett (Ryerson University, English) in Toronto; and Professor Liana Sakelliou (University of Athens), Professor Candice Monson (Ryerson University, Psychology) and Professor Peggy Shannon (Ryerson University, Theatre) in Greece.


Postgraduates from around the world working on the reception and/or enactment of classical and contemporary drama are welcome to participate. Symposia are open to presenters from different disciplines, including researchers in the fields of theatre and performance studies, English, classics, modern languages and literature. This year’s theme, ‘trauma’ is an open-ended prompt to consider ideas about our relationship to physical and psychic wounds, especially in and around war.

Practitioners are welcome to contribute their personal experience of working on drama. Papers may also include demonstrations. Undergraduates are very welcome to attend.

Those who wish to offer a short paper (20 mins) or performative presentation on ‘Performing Trauma: The Narrative of Pain’ in either Toronto or on Poros are invited to send an abstract of up to 200 words outlining the proposed subject of their discussion to by Friday 29th MARCH 2012 AT THE LATEST. Proposals should include the full name of each applicant, their discipline, year of study, their university, name of supervisor, the title of their project, whether it is a paper or a performance, which symposium location is preferred, and an email address.  Successful applicants will be informed of their inclusion in one of the Symposia in early April.

No registration fees will be charged for these symposia.

To help build links between international students, artists, military members and researchers, mental health providers and scholars, these Symposia are designed to foster a shared community of global, multidisciplinary research.

The Symposia working language is English.

Source : Ryerson University + PDF document