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Former Vietnamese refugee wins prestigious award for fighting human trafficking

A lire sur le site VnExpress. Prix du Global Citizen of the Year 2018 accordé à Mme Diep Vuong pour son combat contre le trafic humain.

Diep Vuong, a former refugee who returned to Vietnam to fight human trafficking, is Global Citizen of the Year.

“Every time there was an opportunity for us to find a way to escape, we tried to take advantage of it. The third time we tried, however, the owners hacked off one girl’s head and made us stay in the room with the bloody corpse all night. After that incident, no one dared to try to escape anymore…

“Every time we tried to escape, we got caught and were beaten, had cigarettes burned onto our skin, and were tattooed with the owner’s code on our hands.

“I was a prostitute for almost a year before the Chinese police raided and dismantled the establishment, rescued us from prostitution, and repatriated us back home.”


“Human trafficking is the major issue of our time, representing the ugly side of globalization,” said Vuong.

“Human trafficking has become a global epidemic, yet the people who abhor it and want it to end far outnumber those perpetuating it. Let us find each other and work together to turn the tide.”

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Photographie “à la une” : Diep Vuong, the latest winner of the Global Citizen Award instituted by Henley & Partners. © Pacific Links Foundation