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Articles, documents en ligne / Online documentation


Numéro spécial de revue

  • “Femmes et Guerres”, dossier préparé par Anissa Barrak et Bénédicte Muller, Confluences Méditerranée, revue trimestrielle, n° 17, printemps 1996 (Paris, éditions L’Harmattan).


Ouvrages en ligne / Books online

  • Allen, Beverly, Rape warfare : the hidden genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia, 1996
  • Anderson, David L. & Ernst, John (ed.), The war that never ends : new perspectives on the Vietnam War, 2007
  • Andrews, Irene Osgood, Economic effects of the war upon women and children in Great Britain, 2009
  • Askin, Kelly Dawn, War crimes against women : prosecution in international war crimes tribunals, 1997
  • Audoin-Rouzeau, Stéphane, A. Becker, Ch. Ingrao, H. Rousso (dir.), La violence de guerre, 1914-1945 : approches comparées des deux conflits mondiaux, 2002
  • Bell, Diane / Caplan, Patricia / Wazir Jahan Karim (ed.), Gendered fields : women, men, and ethnography, 1993
  • Bellafaire, Judith, Women in the United States Military : An Annotated Bibliography, 2011
  • Blanton, DeAnne & Cook, Lauren M., They fought like demons : women soldiers in the American Civil War, 2002
  • Boyle, Brenda M., Masculinity in Vietnam War narratives : a critical study of fiction, films and nonfiction writings, 2009
  • Bradby, Hannah & Hundt, Gillian Lewando (ed.), Global perspectives on war, gender and health : the sociology and anthropology of suffering, 2010
  • Brouwer, Anne-Marie de, Supranational criminal prosecution of sexual violence : the ICC and the practice of the ICTY and the ICTR, 2005
  • Brouwer, Anne-Marie de & Ka Hon Chu, Sandra (ed.), The Men Who Killed Me: Rwandan Survivors of Sexual Violence, 2009
  • Buch, Mary Hawkins & Gossage, Carolyn, Props on her sleeve: the wartime letters of a Canadian airwoman, 1997
  • Bugbee, Sylvia J. (ed.), An officer and a lady: the World War II letters of Lt. Col. Betty Bandel, Women’s Army Corps, 2004
  • Canning, Kathleen, Gender history in practice : historical perspectives on bodies, class and citizenship, 2006
  • Cargill, Mary Terrell & Huỳnh, Jade Ngọc Quang, Voices of Vietnamese boat people : nineteen narratives of escape and survival, 2000
  • Chadwick Whitney & Latimer, Tirza True (ed.), The modern woman revisited : Paris between the wars, 2003
  • Cole, Ellen / Espin, Oliva M. / Rothblum, Esther D. (ed.), Refugee women and their mental health : shattered societies, shattered lives, 1992
  • Condell, Diana & Liddiard, Jean, Working for victory ? : images of women in the First World War, 1914-18, 1987
  • Cook, Bernard A. (ed.), Women and war : a historical encyclopedia from antiquity to the present, Volume 1, 2006
  • Cooper, Helen / Munich, Adrienne Auslander / Squier, Susan Merrill (ed.), Arms and the woman : war, gender, and literary representation, 1989
  • Cragin, Kim & Daly, Sara A., Women as terrorists : mothers, recruiters, and martyrs, 2009
  • Cuevas, Tomasa & Giles, Mary E., Prison of women : testimonies of war and resistance in Spain, 1939-1975, 1998
  • Daniel, Ute, The war from within : German working-class women in the First World War, 1997
  • Darrow, Margaret H., French women and the First World War : war stories of the home front, 2000
  • De Groot, Gerard J. & Peniston-Bird, C. M. (ed.), A soldier and a woman : sexual integration in the military, 2000
  • Dombrowski, Nicole Ann (ed.), Women and war in the twentieth century : enlisted with or without consent, 1999
  • Drummond, Lisa Barbara Welch & Helle Rydstrøm (ed.), Gender practices in contemporary Vietnam, 2004
  • Duchen, Claire & Bandhauer-Schöffmann, Irene (ed.), When the war was over : women, war, and peace in Europe, 1940-1956, 2000
  • Eager, Paige Whaley, From freedom fighters to terrorists : women and political violence, 2008
  • Edwards, Laura F., Gendered strife & confusion : the political culture of Reconstruction, 1997
  • Edwards, Laura F., Scarlett doesn’t live here anymore : Southern women in the Civil War era, 2000
  • Eggleston, Larry G., Women in the Civil War : extraordinary stories of soldiers, spies, nurses, doctors, crusaders, and others, 2003
  • Eisenstein, Zillah R., Hatreds : racialized and sexualized conflicts in the 21st century, 1996
  • Elshtain, Jean Bethke & Tobias, Sheila (ed.), Women, militarism, and war : essays in history, politics, and social theory, 1990
  • Enloe, Cynthia H., Maneuvers : the international politics of militarizing women’s lives, 2000
  • Espín, Oliva M., Women crossing boundaries : a psychology of immigration and transformations of sexuality, 1999
  • Essed, Philomena / Goldberg, David Theo / Kobayashi, Audrey (ed.), A Companion to Gender Studies, 2009
  • Fell, Alison S. (ed.), French and francophone women facing war : Les femmes face à la guerre, 2009
  • Fenner, Lorry M. & DeYoung, Marie, Women in combat : civic duty or military liability?, 2001
  • Feimster, Crystal Nicole, Southern horrors : women and the politics of rape and lynching, 2009
  • Gagné, Julie & Rioux, Jean-Sébastien, Femmes et conflits armés : réalités, leçons et avancement des politiques, 2005
  • Gammeltoft, Tine, Women’s bodies, women’s worries : health and family planning in a Vietnamese rural community, 1999
  • Gioseffi, Daniela (ed.), Women on war : an international anthology of women’s writings from antiquity to the present, 2003
  • Goldenberg, Myrna, Experience and expression : women, the Nazis, and the Holocaust, 2003
  • Goldstein, Joshua S., War and gender : how gender shapes the war system and vice versa, 2001
  • Gonzalez-Perez, Margaret, Women and terrorism : female activity in domestic and international terror groups, 2008
  • Gossage, Carolyn, Greatcoats and glamour boots : Canadian women at war (1939-1945), 2001
  • Grayzel, Susan R., Women’s identities at war : gender, motherhood, and politics in Britain and France during the first world war, 1999
  • Greenwald, Maurine Weiner, Women, war, and work : the impact of World War I on women workers in the United States, 1990
  • Gullace, Nicoletta F., The blood of our sons : men, women, and the renegotiation of British citizenship during the Great War, 2002
  • Hagopian, Patrick, The Vietnam War in American memory : veterans, memorials, and the politics of healing, 2009
  • Hegarty, Marilyn E., Victory girls, khaki-wackies, and patriotutes : the regulation of female sexuality during World War II, 2008
  • Henderson, Aileen Kilgore, Stateside soldier : life in the Women’s Army Corps, 1944-1945, 2001
  • Henson, Maria Rosa, Comfort woman : a Filipina’s story of prostitution and slavery under the Japanese military, 1999
  • Henriot, Christian & Yeh Wen-Hsin (ed.), In the shadow of the rising sun : Shanghai under Japanese occupation, 2004
  • Herbermann, Nanda / Baer, Hester / Baer, Elizabeth Roberts (ed.), The blessed abyss : inmate #6582 in Ravensbrück concentration camp for women, 2000
  • Holmstedt, Kirsten A., Girls Come Marching Home : stories of women warriors returning from the war in Iraq, 2009
  • Honey, Maureen, Creating Rosie the Riveter : class, gender, and propaganda during World War II, 1984
  • Honig, Emily, Sisters and Strangers : Women in the Shanghai Cotton Mills, 1919-1949, 1986
  • Hu, Hualing & Simon, Paul, American goddess at the rape of Nanking : the courage of Minnie Vautrin, 2000
  • Hue-Tam Ho Tai (ed.), The country of memory : remaking the past in late socialist Vietnam, 2001
  • Hugon, Anne (dir.), Histoire des femmes en situation coloniale : Afrique et Asie, XXe siècle, 2004
  • Human Rights Watch/Africa, Women’s Rights Project (ed.), Shattered lives : sexual violence during the Rwandan genocide and its aftermath, 1996
  • Hunt, Krista & Rygiel, Kim (ed.), (En)gendering the war on terror : war stories and camouflaged politics, 2006
  • Ingman, Heather, Women’s fiction between the wars : mothers, daughters and writing, 1998
  • Jeansonne, Glen, Women of the Far Right : The Mothers’ Movement and World War II, 1996
  • Joshi, Vandana, Gender and power in the Third Reich : female denouncers and the Gestapo (1933-45), 2003
  • Kidd, William & Murdoch, Brian (ed.), Memory and memorials : the commemorative century, 2004
  • Kulik, Gary, « War stories »: false atrocity tales, swift boaters, and winter soldiers. What really happened in Vietnam, 2009
  • Laubier, Claire (ed.), The Condition of Women in France : 1945 to the Present – A Documentary Anthology, 2005
  • Litoff, Judy Barrett, American women in a world at war : contemporary accounts from World War II, 1997
  • Mazurana, Dyan E. / Raven-Roberts, Angela / Parpart, Jane L. (ed.), Gender, conflict, and peacekeeping, 2005
  • McCormack, Timothy L. H. & Simpson, Gerry J. (ed.), The law of war crimes : national and international approaches, 1997
  • Merry, Lois K., Women military pilots of World War II: A history with biographies of American, British, Russian and German aviators, 2011
  • Monahan, Evelyn M. & Neidel-Greenlee, Evelyn M., All This Hell : U.S. Nurses Imprisoned by the Japanese, 2000
  • Moser, Caroline O. N. & Clark, Fiona C. (ed.), Victims, perpetrators or actors ? : gender, armed conflict and political violence, 2005
  • Nguyen, Nathalie Huynh Chau, Memory is another country : women of the Vietnamese diaspora, 2009
  • Nguyen, Nathalie Huynh Chau, Voyage of hope : Vietnamese Australian women’s narratives, 2005
  • Nikolić-Ristanović, Vesna, Social change, gender, and violence : post-communist and war affected societies, 2002
  • Nikolić-Ristanović, Vesna, Women, violence and war : wartime victimization of refugees in the Balkans, 2000
  • Norman, Elizabeth M., Women at war : the story of fifty military nurses who served in Vietnam, 1990
  • O’Toole, Laura L. & Schiffman, Jessica R. (ed.), Gender violence : interdisciplinary perspectives, 1997
  • Pears, Pamela A., Remnants of Empire in Algeria and Vietnam : Women, Words, and War, 2004
  • Pedersen, Bee (ed.), Women Write the War : The Voices of Women Behind Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2004
  • Phạm Văn Bích, The Vietnamese family in change : the case of the Red River Delta, 1999
  • Plain, Gill, Women’s fiction of the Second World War : gender, power and resistance, 1996
  • Renny, Christopher, The Viet Nam War/the American war : images and representations in Euro-American and Vietnamese exile narratives, 1995
  • Roberts, Mary Louise, Civilization without sexes : reconstructing gender in postwar France, 1917-1927, 1994
  • Sayner, Joanne, Women without a past ? : German autobiographical writings and fascism, 2007
  • Settle, Mary Lee, All the brave promises : memories of Aircraft Woman 2nd Class 2146391, 1995
  • Sjoberg, Laura & Via, Sandra (ed.), Gender, War, and Militarism : Feminist Perspectives, 2010
  • Sjoberg, Laura, Gender, justice, and the wars in Iraq : a feminist reformulation of just war theory, 2006
  • Sjoberg, Laura & Gentry Caron E., Mothers, monsters, whores : women’s violence in global politics, 2007
  • Smith, Angela K., The second battlefield : women, modernism and the First World War, 2000
  • Soh, Chunghee Sarah, The comfort women : sexual violence and postcolonial memory in Korea and Japan, 2008
  • Solaro, Erin, Women in the line of fire : what you should know about women in the military, 2006
  • Stetz, Margaret Diane & Oh, Bonnie B. C. (ed.), Legacies of the comfort women of World War II, 2001
  • Stiglmayer, Alexandra (ed.), Mass rape : the war against women in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1994
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  • Yellin, Emily, Our Mothers’ War : American Women at Home and at the Front During World War II, 2004
  • Yung, Judy, Unbound voices : a documentary history of Chinese women in San Francisco, 1999
  • Žarkov, Dubravka, The body of war : media, ethnicity, and gender in the break-up of Yugoslavia, 2007

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